Dear Business Friends,

As you might know I have assisted businesses over the last 30 years.I always look for opportunities for my clients and business friends. In looking to help my clients with solid investment information, I came across a very good business, Trident, set-up in 1994 and managed by Lance Spicer. I became a client of his some 15 years ago after being on his free list. What I have realised over that time is what a great investor and mentor Lance is and also how well he can interpret and deliver information. As part of his weekly newsletter service, he provides an extremely useful market commentary that cuts through all the usual market hype and noise and actually tells you in plain English what is going on in the world and how it will affect what you invest in. I find this invaluable in itself.

The other beauty of Trident Confidential is that they provide Education – they teach you Lance’s method of investing as well as actually telling you what stocks you should buy and how to do it and how much to pay for them and when to sell them to realise your best profit potential. His service includes a User’s Guide with all the instructions you need, which is suitable for stock investment beginners. In fact, 60% of his client’s started with no previous experience and they are easily using the system and getting the benefits, as evidenced by their testimonials and by my own experience. You also get access to his library of over 28 books free as a subscriber, which is another wealth of information provided.

Being given such explicit instructions is quite unique in the world of investment newsletters – as are the results this information provides. Trident’s returns are amongst the highest in the world and have been since they started this newsletter back in 2005 and this is a result of superior stock picking, which is a unique skill in itself and the result of more than 35 years of business, financial, economic and accounting experience, which Lance and his team have.

I can vouch for the amazing performance, as I have been a beneficiary through his Trident Confidential service. You can find out more by going to the website

where everything is so simply explained. He offers a free newsletter too, so you can sign up to that at the home page without any obligation and get an excellent free report – “Where Should You Be Investing Now?” Not to mention all the Featured Articles you can tap into here for free also.

Alternatively, if you would like to become a member of Trident Confidential, as a long time subscriber to the services of Trident, I have been able to negotiate a special price for you, which is exclusively available through this link – Trident Confidential Discount (so make sure you come back here to sign up with the discount, if you just went and had a look at the general website). If you are unable to sign onto the Discount please give Trident a call and mention this blog.

There are other great services offered by Trident too, such as Managed Investment Funds with Lance Spicer as the Investment Manager, (if you do not want to buy stocks direct yourself)
Or you can read his wisdom and methodology in great investing books available on sale now at, which is how I started.

As a valued business contact, I wanted to provide this special personal business introduction as a service to you in the hope that it may assist you in reaching your goals. This really is a company that I am happy to recommend to you on the basis of my personal experience. I sincerely hope that you find this information as useful as I have over the years.

Kind Regards,
Ole Nielsen