Stuart Gordon
Stuart Gordon Fusion Video
Ole brings not only a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to your business, but decades of real world business experience in helping companies come up with solutions which they could not see on their own. In the coaching business there are many thousands of coaches with a ‘colour by numbers’ approach. Ole is not one of them! I am impressed by the energy and insight he offers and would recommend him to any business owner who feels that they can get more from their business and needs to change gears.
Malcolm McDonald
Malcolm McDonald Solicitor
I have been involved with Ole over the past 30 years and have known him to assist businesses and companies in stressed circumstances leading them to high and safe financial ground, sometimes in the bleakest of circumstances.

It has been my observation that when Ole is onboard, he is a keen and zealous promoter of his customer with a keen nose for innovative solutions to the problems that frequently beset companies and businesses, particularly during periods of rapid growth.

Jock Purtle
Jock Purtle Managing Director, Digital Exits
Ole Nielsen from TETAA has helped our company. an online business brokerage company, define our USP ( Unique Selling Proposition) as well as assist us with our marketing efforts. We have been able to draw on his 30 years experience as a new company.
Len Norman
Len Norman Managing Director, Conquest Consulting Pty Ltd
Ole Nielsen has the rare ability to find the key to profit for a vast array of business types. He has the experience and tools to dive into the financial performance of a company and find all of the keys to unlock every source of profit and stem leaks in cash flow where evident. His scope cover all elements of business and whether it be lazy inventory, inaccurate billing or just proliferation of poor practices. Ole will find it. Having so many years of working with these challenges Ole is perfectly placed to help others achieve the same level of over their business. I am delighted to endorse Ole for his talent and dedication.
David Purtle
David Purtle Managing Director, Key property Group Pty Ltd
Ole Nielsen of the Thinking Association of Australia has been extremely helpful to our business growth. Ole’s comments and insight have assisted me in developing growth strategies for my business. I purchased his Business Manual “The Complete Information Manual for turning your company around” and numerous specific strategies from Ole’s book have directly helped our business growth. Ole also assiseted my son with his business and as a direct result of Ole’s mentoring and advice he became on of 5 Australian finalists in the Global Student Entrepreneur of the year award (2013). I recommend Ole Nielsen to any budding entrepreneur or business manager.
Chris Duffett
Chris Duffett Managing Director, All Sports Direct
I have known and worked with Ole Nielsen for close to 10 years. He has mentored and educated my on gross margin and insisted that we should only accept a certain gross profit % which would make the company profitable. I have always found Ole to be very professional in his approach to solving my problems. His entrepreneurial skills and positive thinking often has us solving our problems from thinking outside the box. I would strongly recommend Ole to any company who wants to not only increase their sales but more importantly increase their profits. Ole can also look at the possibilities of changing a companies uniqueness and help guide them into diversification which he has done for my company in the past. Having Ole as my “external” partner has helped my business flourish and he could certainly do this for you.
Shay Stanley
Shay Stanley Managing Director, The Irish Butcher
I was introduces to Ole Nielsen through my solicitor who told me that Ole had a lot of entrepreneurial experience which he could use building my business. One thing that he created, which was very unusual, was a customer loyalty card which I might be the only butcher in NSW or Australia with it and it changed my attitude that things are possible as long as you think outside the box. I also employed Ole to send out very unique personalised greeting cards to some of my current customers as well as new potential customers. I have no hesitation in recommending Ole to any company who wants to increase their sales and profit using entrepreneurial thinking as well as building customer relationships.
Gary Brooks
Gary Brooks Managing Director, Potter Automotive
I have known Ole Nielsen for over 5 years as a customer and also as a supplier of unique personalised greeting cards which he has sendt out, on my behalf, to some of my current customers as well as new potential customers, for close to 12 months. I have also used Ole as a consultant to analyse all my financials and he found an error in the costing which I then changed resulting in a substantial increase in the net profit. I highly recommend Ole to any company who need a person to analyse their business and possibly come up with some unique ideas which if implemented would increase their profit. I also purchased his very unique business Information Manual for turning your company around or moving it forward faster in 90 days, using a structured and proven step-by-step program. The Manual is definately unique and if studied in the right sequence you are very likely to become very entrepreneurial.
Kyle Newport
Kyle Newport Managing Director, Colour Spot Nursery
I have known and worked with Ole Nielsen over 9 years between 1997-2006. He was employed as a consultant for our wholesale nursery to analyse how we could improve our systems and profitability. He designed and conducted a strategic planning seminar for 14 wholesale nursery franchisees of which we were one. I have always found Ole to be very entrepreneurial and easy to work with and I highly recommend him to any company who wants to improve their systems and profitability.
Greg Newport
Greg Newport Managing Director, Newports Nursery
I have known Ole Nielsen for 28 years when he was employed by our company, Newport’s wholesale nursery, one of the largest nurseries in Australia. Ole’s job was to come up with ideas and strategies on how to restructure the company and turn the bottom line into a profit as well as save the jobs of close to 200 staff. He developed a MBO (Management By Objective) scheme which changed the attitude of all the senior staff in the company who then changed the attitude of all the staff. He then started costing all our products, which had never been done in Australia because it was extremely difficult and found that some products actually had a gross loss so then more we produced the more we lost. He then looked into diversification of assiciated products we did not produce but we could sell them to our customers at a profit. After 12 years the company was sold for a substantial amount of money and it is still operating. I highly recommend Ole to any company who need to improve their sales and profitability.
Anita Olsen
Anita Olsen Partner, Olsen & Partners
I have known Ole Nielsen for over 35 years and have always found him to be very entrepreneurial, whether it was investing or helping our businesses increase their sales and profit. Quite a few years ago I asked Ole to prepare a financial analysis report for my accounting business and I used it to engage a new partner. He also suggested that we become more involved in value-added services which would and have benefited our clients. Since then we have grown our business as well as our value-added business and services. I believe Ole is one of those rare individuals who applies his skills diligently and intelligently to find creative solutions to problems and opportunities very few people can create and I highly recommend him and his services to any company who wants to build their business.
Barry Jones
Barry Jones General Manager, Air & Hydraulic Power Centre
I have worked with Ole Nielsen over the last 6 years and always founs him to be very entrepreneurial. He assietd our Hydraulic company in Western Australia in changing it from a possible write-off to a profitable business which was sold 12 months later for a substantial profit. I have always found Ole to be very positive, when everybody else had given up and he assisted me with unusual unique and profitable ideas. I highly recommend Ole to any company who require a person to help them change their company. Ole always has the attitude that nothing is impossible even though evebody else says it it not possibel. If you use his services your likely-hood of success will double.
Robert Barrett
Robert Barrett Principal, PRD Nationwide Junee
I have known Ole Nielsen for close to 7 years. In that time he has not only invested a lot in properties in Junee but he has also assisted us by recommending friends to purchase properties in Junee as well. Over the years I have always found Ole to be very entrepreneurial which has resulted in him and his family having a substantial real estate portfolio which was him aim when he started investing. I would recommend Ole to any business who seek an entrepreneurial person to assist them in either developing their business by increasing their sales and/or profitability.
Alan Birchall
Alan Birchall Talent Acquisition Consultant, Zurich
I have known Ole Nielsen for a number of years and he is always the person I turn to for advice on almost anything. Be it creating imaginitive ways of developing and retaining customers, venturing into a new market segment, restructuring how business is conducted, how to run a profitable business or giving advice on the property market. Ole is an entrepreneuer who enjoys thinking outside the box when it comes to customers and clients. I would definotely recommend speaking to Ole if your are looking to create a business or improve the profitability of your existing business.

Jeremy Joyce
Jeremy Joyce Managing Director, Jaybro Civil & Safety Products
Our company employed Ole Nielsen as a consultant about 10 years ago and his job was to find ways of increasing the profit. He analysed all the financials and found that we did not charge our customers enough for the freight which we then changed which resulted in a substantial increase in the profit. I have no hesitation in recommending Ole should you require a consultant or mentor who is able to increase your profitability.