Is your business stuck?

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6 Places to Look When Your Business is Stuck Thanks to the NY Report   For business owners, it is an all too common feeling. It’s like running on a treadmill—expending a ton of energy, muscling your way through the hard parts of ownership, but not exactly arriving at the destination in mind. It’s not easy to set aside ego, and to admit that perhaps we don’t have all the answers, or have gotten too close to the issues to see them...

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Creating business systems

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Starting, building and growing a business is exciting. It’s what entrepreneurs like you and I thrive on.   Yet so often things get out of control. Balls get dropped and what was once fun and exciting can become a dreary chore. Some business owners find themselves working longer hours than they ever did when they worked for someone else and the money they take home is often not much better either. Naturally many start questioning themselves...

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Information manual

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Turn your company around or move it forward faster in 90 days This comprehensive manual is the starting place for examining your business and making sure that you are on the right track. It is a way of working methodically through your business with the result being an almost certain shift in your thinking. It will open your mind to new business possibilities. It will help you streamline and systemise your business. The system involves working...

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Out of the box thinking

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Thanks to i09 “Thinking outside the box,” has become the annoying phrase we hear in commercials and bad business meetings. It stems from an actual psychological concept called functional fixedness. Funnily enough, the classic experiment to demonstrate functional fixedness required people to think inside the box. If you’ve spent more than an hour watching television in the last decade, you’ve heard the phrase “think...

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