6 Places to Look When Your Business is Stuck

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For business owners, it is an all too common feeling. It’s like running on a treadmill—expending a ton of energy, muscling your way through the hard parts of ownership, but not exactly arriving at the destination in mind. It’s not easy to set aside ego, and to admit that perhaps we don’t have all the answers, or have gotten too close to the issues to see them objectively. I’ve been there myself, and confess that there were days I’d gladly swap jobs with the UPS guy.

No matter what type of business you have, there are common reasons why businesses get stuck. If that’s how you would describe your business right now—stuck—try looking at these common reasons why. You might find an opportunity for growth where you weren’t looking before.


1.Lack of CEO & Business Goals


I have a mantra: “Goals, Strategy, Structure.” It’s my reminder that, absent CEO and business goals, it’s impossible to create a winning strategy or a structure to support it. Most businesses are started by bright folks with passion, courage, and significant subject matter expertise, but without longer term goals for themselves or their businesses. To avoid a whole lot of pain and disconnect, we really must start by defining our personal goals. It’s imperative to grapple with such questions as, “Am I motivated by a flexible lifestyle,or the excitement of growth? Am I truly an entrepreneur, or am I really a technician?” (Read Michael Gerber’s seminal book

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