No matter how you begin in any business you will need “tentacles” (like an octopus) to promote your business to prospective clients. The “tentacles” are about quality, not quantity.
How to best promote your business:
1. Do mailings to clients with items of interest.
This one is a must. You should contact your clients once a quarter which build up your relationship with them, possibly using thank you greeting cards. You can also communicate with your clients via a newsletter supplying them useful information and entrepreneurial ideas. You can also send informative emails via LinkedIn and Outlook plus others.

2. Do mailings to prospects with items of interest.
This, too, is mandatory because it is a cost-effective way of keeping in touch with a potential new client. You can either do a quarterly or monthly mailing whatever you think is appropriate.

3. Publish articles in relevant periodicals.
It is a lot easier to publish articles once you have published the first one. Publishing useful and educational articles provides tremendous credibility for you provided you publish on a regular basis.

4. Do free work for community, government and non-profit organisations.
The free work for local schools, girls Scouts, Local Chamber of Commerce plus many other non-profit organisations will promote your name and dedication to the community.

5. Have a presence on the Internet.
A home page on the Internet today is a necessity. Your Internet site should feature user-friendliness, meaning a minimum of boring text about how good you are and graphics that take forever to download. You should provide a free “articles of the month” which they can either download or print. You can also include an order form for your books or manuals or a request option for more information about certain topics or you could have an email link to contact you. The biggest problem with most website is that they are little more than static ads. Try to create a dynamic presence that motivates visitors to return on a regular basis.

6. Exhibit at trade shows.
Based on my 30 years experience some companies are successful at trade shows whilst others are not. It all depends on how you promote your products and services.

7. Request referrals from satisfied clients.
It is very important that you ask your current clients for referrals, and testimonials, and assuming you have say 500 clients it is very likely that you will get 1,000 referrals which could double your sales.

One of the best ways to blow your own trumpet is to create your own unique USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We already have an articles on USP which you can read however if you need more clarification please send me an email and I will give you some more information.

PS-I have changed many companies over the last 30 years using the USP.
PSS-Should you require any further information please either give me a call or send me an email.