You have now made some money, so Where or How do you Invest it?

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Blog |

Dear Business Friends, As you might know I have assisted businesses over the last 30 years.I always look for opportunities for my clients and business friends. In looking to help my clients with solid investment information, I came across a very good business, Trident, set-up in 1994 and managed by Lance Spicer. I became a client of his some 15 years ago after being on his free list. What I have realised over that time is what a great investor...

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A proven and fast way to grow your business.

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I just read a very interesting article on the fastest way to grow your business and I thought I would share it with you because this is what I have been doing for 30 years. The article was prepared by Richard Brewin FCA who owns the company in the UK called Accountants Growth Programme however this can apply to any company. If you want to look up their website to confirm what information I have supplied you the website is...

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Build a $1 Million Enterpreneurial Empire in just 6 simple steps

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Dear Business Friends Tales of the rich and famous are nothing new. Like me, I’m sure you have read those rags-to-riches stories in glossy magazines about fabulous wealth enjoyed by mega-millionaires like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Gina Rinehart. We know that these people have made it but do we know how they made it. How did they get started, and how did they build their fabulous wealth? If you look behind the headlines, you’ll find that...

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Blow your own trumpet for success

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No matter how you begin in any business you will need “tentacles” (like an octopus) to promote your business to prospective clients. The “tentacles” are about quality, not quantity. How to best promote your business: 1. Do mailings to clients with items of interest. This one is a must. You should contact your clients once a quarter which build up your relationship with them, possibly using thank you greeting cards. You can also communicate with...

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