You have now made some money, so Where or How do you Invest it?

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Dear Business Friends, As you might know I have assisted businesses over the last 30 years.I always look for opportunities for my clients and business friends. In looking to help my clients with solid investment information, I came across a very good business, Trident, set-up in 1994 and managed by Lance Spicer. I became a client of his some 15 years ago after being on his free list. What I have realised over that time is what a great investor and mentor Lance is and also how well he can interpret and deliver information. As part of his weekly newsletter service, he provides an extremely useful market commentary that cuts through all the usual market hype and noise and actually tells you in plain English what is going on in the world and how it will affect what you invest in. I find this invaluable in itself. The other beauty of Trident Confidential is that they provide Education – they teach you Lance’s method of investing as well as actually telling you what stocks you should buy and how to do it and how much to pay for them and when to sell them to realise your best profit potential. His service includes a User’s Guide with all the instructions you need, which is suitable for stock investment beginners. In fact, 60% of his client’s started with no previous experience and they are easily using the system and getting the benefits, as evidenced by their testimonials and by my own experience. You also get access to his library of over 28 books free as a subscriber, which is another wealth of information provided. Being given such explicit instructions is quite unique in the world of investment newsletters – as are the results this information provides. Trident’s returns are amongst the highest in the world and have been since they started this newsletter back in 2005 and this is a result of superior stock picking, which is a unique skill in itself and the result of more than 35 years of business, financial, economic and accounting experience, which Lance and his team have. I can vouch for the amazing performance, as I have been a beneficiary through his Trident Confidential service. You can find out more by going to the website where everything is so simply explained. He offers a free newsletter too, so you can sign up to that at the home page without any obligation and get an excellent free report – “Where Should You Be Investing Now?” Not to mention all the Featured Articles you can tap into here for free also. Alternatively, if you would like to become a member of Trident Confidential, as a long...

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A proven and fast way to grow your business.

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I just read a very interesting article on the fastest way to grow your business and I thought I would share it with you because this is what I have been doing for 30 years. The article was prepared by Richard Brewin FCA who owns the company in the UK called Accountants Growth Programme however this can apply to any company. If you want to look up their website to confirm what information I have supplied you the website is Underneath I have listed part of the article which I believe would be of use to you. 1 – Acquire the Right clients: First of all let me start by telling you that you CAN create a thriving and very profitable business if you know the secret to success. You see selling and marketing your products and services in this new economy is very different than it was a few years ago but many companies are still using the same tired old strategies that simply don’t work anymore. A wise old man once said, “If you’ve stopped growing, you’re actually shrinking.” If you’re not acquiring new clients then you are almost certainly going backwards even though you are giving great service to your clients you are bound to lose a small number through natural wastage. So alarmingly, if your company has slowed it won’t be long before it starts going backwards. Doing things differently is no longer a good idea it is essential to survive. Surprisingly a recent research was done in the UK which showed that most companies did not look at growing their business. Maybe complacency had set in? To top it off most business owners think that businesses in the same category are all the same with the same products and service which means that they chose the company on price only. This new economy we’re in now is very different, more challenging environment for most companies. Those that acknowledge the facts and DO something about it will be the winners but thousands of other companies will continue to to struggle day-in, day-out to achieve results. Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. Next it’s all about what you do. You need to get busy and start implementing a range of strategies that will help you: • Stand out from the crowd. • Attract clients easily. • Remove price from the mind of the client. • Provide added value that no other company can compete with. • Acquire the right type of clients at the right price. • Achieve everything your skills, effort and experience deserve. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader or a...

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Build a $1 Million Enterpreneurial Empire in just 6 simple steps

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Dear Business Friends Tales of the rich and famous are nothing new. Like me, I’m sure you have read those rags-to-riches stories in glossy magazines about fabulous wealth enjoyed by mega-millionaires like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Gina Rinehart. We know that these people have made it but do we know how they made it. How did they get started, and how did they build their fabulous wealth? If you look behind the headlines, you’ll find that many of today’s super-rich started off in a very small way. In fact, they built their empires step-by-step. For example: Richard Branson is estimated to be worth over $1 billion but what you might not know is that Richard started his corporation as a mail order record company from his basement, with almost no money, and a lot of help from his friends. Now he has got a lot of businesses under the Virgin banner and the company makes over $1 billion per year. The message behind this letter is this: Becoming rich and successful is easier than you might think. Your Six-Point Plan for million $ success. You start with a simple business idea and you grow it from there. This is the same method that ancient successful people used to accumulate wealth and it is the same method used by today’s biggest success stories: Step 1: Start your first business project. You’ll be the owner-operator. Work in your business by yourself to keep the overheads low. Then, you reinvest all your profits back into your business, until you have carved your niche in the market you are in. Step 2: Then you become an employer. Hire one or two people or more if you need it. You should do this because, as an employer, you’ll build your wealth not only from your own entrepreneurial efforts, but from the efforts of the people who help you make that happen. Step 3: After that, put in a manager to work with you. As a budding mega-entrepreneur, you don’t want to be held back by small details, you could have someone else doing. By hiring a competent manager to run your business for you on a day-to-day basis, you’ll leave yourself more free time to concentrate on looking for new opportunities and new ways to expand your empire. Work more and more on the business and less in the business. Step 4: Diversify. Most successful entrepreneurs have their business stretching in many directions, like a spider web. Quite simply, the more different entrepreneurial ventures, the more chance you’ll have that one of them will be a runaway success. Step 5: Capitalize on your market. Look for other ways you can make money from...

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Blow your own trumpet for success

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No matter how you begin in any business you will need “tentacles” (like an octopus) to promote your business to prospective clients. The “tentacles” are about quality, not quantity. How to best promote your business: 1. Do mailings to clients with items of interest. This one is a must. You should contact your clients once a quarter which build up your relationship with them, possibly using thank you greeting cards. You can also communicate with your clients via a newsletter supplying them useful information and entrepreneurial ideas. You can also send informative emails via LinkedIn and Outlook plus others. 2. Do mailings to prospects with items of interest. This, too, is mandatory because it is a cost-effective way of keeping in touch with a potential new client. You can either do a quarterly or monthly mailing whatever you think is appropriate. 3. Publish articles in relevant periodicals. It is a lot easier to publish articles once you have published the first one. Publishing useful and educational articles provides tremendous credibility for you provided you publish on a regular basis. 4. Do free work for community, government and non-profit organisations. The free work for local schools, girls Scouts, Local Chamber of Commerce plus many other non-profit organisations will promote your name and dedication to the community. 5. Have a presence on the Internet. A home page on the Internet today is a necessity. Your Internet site should feature user-friendliness, meaning a minimum of boring text about how good you are and graphics that take forever to download. You should provide a free “articles of the month” which they can either download or print. You can also include an order form for your books or manuals or a request option for more information about certain topics or you could have an email link to contact you. The biggest problem with most website is that they are little more than static ads. Try to create a dynamic presence that motivates visitors to return on a regular basis. 6. Exhibit at trade shows. Based on my 30 years experience some companies are successful at trade shows whilst others are not. It all depends on how you promote your products and services. 7. Request referrals from satisfied clients. It is very important that you ask your current clients for referrals, and testimonials, and assuming you have say 500 clients it is very likely that you will get 1,000 referrals which could double your sales. One of the best ways to blow your own trumpet is to create your own unique USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We already have an articles on USP which you can read however if you need more clarification please send me...

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